@ Luxury Homes USA

We specialize in making your home modern and very welcoming. Our kitchens and bathrooms are top notch.


Luxury Homes USA is the main company and High End Kitchens and Baths is a sub company under so on the website the name High End Kitchens and Baths should be written or printed out bolder and the @ Luxury Homes USA should be smaller. All the other websites will be done in a similar manner


We convert the old fashioned bathtubs into modern day walk in showers. We redesign your bathroom to look super modern and inviting even to your guests. Our prices are very affordable. You can have us upgrade your kitchen and bathrooms or just your kitchen or bathroom.


We remodel your kitchen to the most top notch standard. We upgrade the old school kitchen appliances to the most modern upscale stainless steel appliances. our kitchen cabinets are the most desirable and the most trending. We introduce kitchen islands to some kitchens that don’t have one( the home owner’s choice). We believe that your kitchen/living room is where you spend most of your time when at home so we make this space as cozy as possible.


We can create an open plan or open concept in houses that desire one( the owner’s choice or decision).


We upgrade lightings in the kitchen, living room and the bathrooms when upgrading these spaces so everywhere would appear modern and high end.

How it works

Our designer comes out, take a look at the kitchen and or bathrooms and come back to the company to discuss project with our general contractor and they analyze and come up with multiple designs which we bring to you for selection. Once your choice has been made we will the schedule the renovation following your preferred schedule.